Scampi Bella Vita
Succulent jumbo shrimp sautéed in extra virgin oil, Pinot
Grigio wine, garlic, shallots, with a light touch of lemon butter

White Fish
Butter, dill weed, onion, garlic, pepper

Sand Dabs
So sweet that they only need a squeeze of lemon

Sea Bass
Fillet of Mediteranean Sea bass with tomato and Zucchini scales, Eggplant mousse and basil flavoured, Olive Oil.

One of the most healthful fish, as you probably know, is salmon. A marinade of cilantro, white balsamic vinegar,
lemon, juice, sugar, and garlic, this salmon is sensational grilled or broiled.

Scallops, clams
Steamed, stuffed, or in chowders, we've got you covered when you're looking for new ways to prepare this tasty bivalve.

With a little imagination you'll be sure its Lobster and not Halibut, nevertheless you can be sure it's mighty tasty

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